Deliciously Vintage

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1747 S. Halsted, (312)733-0407, [ratings]

Goods: Vintage clothing with modern tailoring for men and women, but primarily for women. Shoes and accessories, including hats, jewelry and designer sunglasses. Designers: Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Oscar De La Renta, St. John and others. Read the rest of this entry »

Open for Business: Deliciously Vintage

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Law Roach and Siobhan Strong

Most of us don’t have a celebrity image consultant to help us decide what we should wear the next day, but now there’s a clothing store in Chicago where we can get a “free consultation” included in the price of any purchase. Celebrity fashion stylists Law Roach and Siobhan Strong have dressed stars like “America’s Next Top Model” Eva Pickford, “Prison Break”’s Rockmond Donbar and supermodel Veronica Webb and—at their new Pilsen store Deliciously Vintage—they will do the same thing for any customer who walks through the door. Read the rest of this entry »

Open for Business: Bella Chica

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Bella Chica is more than an accessories boutique—it’s a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Opened in the heart of the art district in Pilsen on February 1, the boutique has brought together a group of approximately thirteen designers from all different backgrounds and retail experience to show their work.

From jewelry to paintings to scarves and soaps, owner Anne Marie Garza says she found most of the store’s talent online. “We looked through Craigslist and Etsy,” she says. Posting an open call for designers, Garza says the response was great. “I chose people whose product had a good story.”

Take Yazmine Carbajal, creator of Yazzy Jewels. Featuring stained-glass-looking bracelets and beautiful turquoise and onyx rings, the designer is just 15 years old. Starting her own line at 11, Yazmine makes up in talent what she lacks in age. “I was very, very impressed with her,” Garza says.

Then there’s Rootid—designer Erin Martiney creates her beaded necklaces from actual seeds from all over the world.

Keeping with the feel of the Pilsen community, Garza chose brand Edgy Chola for its religiously infused theme.

“I wanted to give people like myself the opportunity to come together, because not everyone can afford a storefront property,” Garza says. With artists working on straight consignment or hire for rent exchange, she has been able to do just that. Featuring many newcomers to the world of business, Garza has worked with the artists on nearly every front, from marketing to pricing. “We worked together to price items so that they can get some money…and have fun,” she says.

Keeping pieces between $10-$100, Garza says Bella Chica has something for everyone. Vintage collector Jennifer of has wares for sale, as does Sherry Lou—a local designer who creates paintings of modern-day women and bracelets based on the bestselling Stephanie Meyer’s series, “Twilight.” “It’s a mix of old and new,” Garza says.

With trunk shows for the designers in the works and new talent to scout, Garza’s only just begun. While she says she has been fortunate to meet a great group of designers that have quickly become friends, there’s always room for more. “I’m hoping that Bella Chica can bring more artists in of all kinds,” she says. “[I hope that] we can create a community [where] we can have fun, sell and grow.” (Nicole Briese)

Bella Chica, 1253 West 18th, (312)927-3535.

Bella Chica

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1253 W. 18th, (312)927-3535 [ratings]
Goods: Paintings, jewelry, scarves, vintage and handmade accessories. Designers: JenStyle, Sherry Lou, Natalie Prazen, il Jocale, Jewelry by Jessica, Happenstance, Kaley Kouture and more. Owners: Anne Marie Garza and Jennifer Lorenz. Vibe: Artsy. In the heart of the art district, the store’s décor is loud—bright orange walls are adorned with colorful paintings and sheet metal surrounds the door. Price Range: Inexpensive. The owners and their designers wanted prices “that fit the current economy.” The Look: Cultured. Many of the pieces are inspired by Meso-American culture in particular, or have been influenced by the designers travels. Shopper’s Perks: The prices. You can find a lot of great stuff for under $20!


Bella Chica, 1253 W. 18th


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1421 W. 18th, (312)226-4040, [ratings]

Goods: Shoes and accessories for women. Designers: Chinese Laundry, Steven, Bamboo, Anne Michelle, Me Too, Nine West. Owner: After a retail-filled career, Sylvia Rocha opened up her shoe shop in her native Pilsen neighborhood, aiming to bring style and value to the community. Zapatilla means “slipper” in Spanish. Vibe: Stylishly low-maintenance. The ambiance is attractive yet no-frills, and shoppers here can get in and get out easily, as neatly stacked boxes full of shoes line the walls below their corresponding displays. Price Range: Inexpensive. The Look: For the comfortable shoe fetishist, Zapatillas stocks footwear that keeps up with both the latest trends and classic looks, yet at the core remains easy to wear. Perfect for the many commuters of Pilsen. Shopper’s Perks: Realizing that Chicago women will undoubtedly don a bridesmaid dress at some point, Rocha stocks a wide selection of Nina dye-able shoes in styles that are modern, stylish and, yes, flawlessly chameleon-like.

UPDATED May 2009