Taxidermy Treasures: Woolly Mammoth Finds the Fun and Flair in Dead Animals

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By Desiree Cole

When Adam Rust and his wife Skye opened Woolly Mammoth Antiques a couple of years ago, they had vintage clothes, shoes, purses, couches and coffee tables. The couple thought they were going to focus on midcentury antiques. But they started buying what they liked, what really caught their eye: taxidermied animals; animal teeth; frogs preserved in a jar.

Adam and Skye find the unusual goods they sell all over the country. “It’s almost all out of state, in the Midwest. In March, we went as far out as New Jersey. Next week, we’re driving out West, so we could go as far as Washington, but for sure as far as Glacier National Park. We camp along the way to find stuff and bring it back. Last week, we went to three auctions, but it’s mostly private collections.” Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. and Mrs. Digz

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Mr and Mrs Digz 003UPDATE: The current version of this listing is found here.

5668 N. Clark, (773)447-8527,

Goods: Men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts. Designers: Mixing couture vintage with great new finds, you can find everything from classic Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel to fun tees, hoodies and frocks from labels like Eva May, Nabi and Corporate Punk. Read the rest of this entry »

Open for Business: Mr. and Mrs. Digz

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Mr and Mrs Digz 006When Emilia Dlugolecka was laid off from her corporate job in January, she never imagined she’d become an entrepreneur.

“At first it was like, this is great, I’m gonna hibernate this winter and I don’t have to fight traffic or get on the El when it’s like zero degrees,” she recalls. A few months later, she went into panic mode. “I kind of woke up from hibernation in late March and said, ‘ohmigod, I don’t have a job,’” she says. “I literally got in my car one day and started looking for storefronts… I called every place on Clark in Andersonville that had a ‘for rent’ sign on it.”

Just two months later, Dlugolecka was “standing in line downtown, getting [her] business license. I’m going, ‘what the hell am I doing here?’” she says. Read the rest of this entry »

The T-Shirt Deli

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NOTE: Updates to this listing are now found here.

1739 N. Damen, (773)276-6266, 1482 Berwyn, (773)561-7410,
Goods: American Apparel t-shirts for women, men, children, babies and even dogs. Designers: You! Pick decals and letters from a pile of albums and put your own spin on a wardrobe basic. Owner: Ninel Pompushko, a former copywriter for beer companies. Vibe: Gleaming white deli counters, red t-shirts strung up to look like salami and butcher-paper packaging bring the t-shirt store’s theme to life (sometimes too vividly, in the experience of passersby who stop in to grab a sandwich). Price Range: Generally moderate, but higher prices reflect more lettering and decals. Shopper’s Perks: Each purchase comes with a bag of chips.

Andersonville Store

The T-Shirt Deli

Bucktown Store

The T-Shirt Deli


Turley Road

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Note: The updated version of this listing can now be found here.

5239 N. Clark St., (773)878-0097, [ratings]
Goods: Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Designers: Studio 90, Neesh, Cynthia Ashby; shoes by Remix and handbags by Hobo, Latico and Leaders in Leather. Owners: When her co-founder of the 18-year-old Studio 90 boutique retired, Angela Turley revamped by taking on a new name, a new vibe and a new business partner—her daughter, Kate. Vibe: The family connection provides a certain warmth, and the shopping experience is welcoming for women of all ages. Price Range: Inexpensive-Moderate. The Look: Vintage-inspired jackets, blouses, sweaters and pants. Clothes that have a timeless, classic feel but stand out for being original and a level above the pack. Shopper’s Perks: It’s easy to support local design at Turley Road—many of the designers they stock are based in Chicago. Email newsletters often provide fashion and political commentary and also offer discounts.

Turley Road



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NOTE: All updates to this listing are now here.

5216 N. Clark, (773)989-4420
Goods: Clothing and accessories for women. Designers: Hot Kiss, Soda Blue, Tulle and Chinese Laundry. Owner: Presence was started in 1969 by “two hippy women who opened a shop in their living room on Broadway.” Today, Joanna Miner (daughter of one of the founders) owns the boutique. Vibe: Pop tunes surge through an open-but-packed boutique. Carefully-put-together ensembles are propped up on the wall to give shoppers what-to-pair-with-what inspiration. Price Range: Inexpensive-Moderate. The Look: Fun, girly and trend-driven. Shopper’s Perks: At Presence, “It’s very easy to buy an entire outfit—jewelry included—for under $120 dollars,” says Joanna Miner.



Eva May

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UPDATE: As of October 2009, Eva May has closed her standalone store and joined forces with Mr. & Mrs. Digz.

5643 N. Ashland, (773)907-0709,
Goods: Silk-screened shirts for women, men and children, scarves, bags, pins and men’s and women’s hats. Designers: Most of the wearable art in this shop is designed by Eva May herself. Owner: Swedish-born Eva May studied at Chicago’s own Ray College of Design and after several years of hawking her goods at art shows and online, she opened her own shop. Vibe: With all of the impeccably handcrafted goods on display, the shop feels like an accessories gallery. Price Range: Moderate. The Look: Artsy, eclectic and slightly bohemian. Spend a morning stocking up on organics at Whole Foods, then head to a friend’s gallery opening. Shopper’s Perks: Nearly everything Eva May creates is one-of-a-kind. Plus, she’ll happily custom-make any of her products if you can’t find the perfect size, color or material.

UPDATED May 2009

Eva May