Chicago Looks: Taking Chances

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IMG_5346Music publicist Eric Dresner was hanging out at the MCA First Fridays co-curated by Chances Dances.

Who are your Top 5 fashion inspirations?
5) Rayanne Graff 4) Bernhard Willhelm 3) Pepperoni Pizza 2) Kathakali dancers 1) Genesis P-Orridge

What are your Top 5 style blogs?
5) 4) 3)  2) 1) Google Maps

What are the Top 5 nights here in Chicago?
5) Tuesdays watching reruns of the Amazing Race on HULU in Navajo-print Snuggie, 4) Off Chances at Danny’s 3) Total Therapy at Berlin 2) Ski’s Lounge 1) Making Out with Wes Perry and Friends at The Hideout

What are the Top 5 places you like to shop for clothing and accessories?
5) Salvation Army in Hometown, Illinois 4) Kokorokoko 3) Bartering or raiding friends’ closets 2) 1) Opening Ceremony (on sale, obviously)

—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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