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IMG_4769 Psychic stylist Kelly Rabbath ( was doing her grocery shopping in Lincoln Park.

How does a typical psychic styling session go?
There really is no such thing as a typical styling session. Every woman I work with is so different and her needs are so specific that I’m always sort of being surprised by myself and the magic that materializes with each new client. Before I can help her find that fresh new look, I have to know her. Find out what she desires. What does she want to attract or accomplish with her image? What validates and flatters her body? There are a thousand questions to ask and a billion angles to consider. I bypass most of them by starting out my styling sessions with an energy reading. It’s not good enough to just help someone look good, I am focusing on finding garments that help them to embody and show off the beautiful woman that they are. Fashion, when done right, can be healing to a woman. Using my clairvoyance I’m looking at her in her entirety, to see not only what will look good on her body but what will be attractive and exciting to her spirit. I see colors and images that help me to understand what kind of energy each garment and accessory brings to her. Part of styling is being able to see where she is wanting to go. Where in her life is she wanting more? Once I know this, it’s time to shop! Well, almost. Depending how indepth she is wanting to transform her look, before we hit the streets, we peruse her wardrobe. To reconstruct we must sometimes deconstruct. Making space for the new and seeing the pieces that she already has to work with. Regardless of budget or number of looks she’s trying to achieve, it’s important that she’s feeling good when we hit the shops. I like to encourage experimentation and emphasize that part of the shopping experience is having fun and trying new things. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with who were pleasantly surprised that some very strange garments on the hanger looked stunning once they threw it on. We set goals before we shop and I use my psychic eye to snag all the great new pieces that make her shine.

Can you read a person’s mind just by looking at what they’re wearing?
Well, I can’t read minds but I can definitely tell a lot about a person by what they’re wearing and how they wear it. People are reading each other’s clothing all the time. That’s kind of the whole point, right? A person’s wardrobe can communicate so much about them! What they think of themselves, what kind of job they have, who they wish they could be… When I see what someone’s wearing, I can usually tell how relatable they will be to me.

How can clothes alter someone’s destiny?
A lot of it has to do with the power of intention. When you feel like a rockstar in what you’re wearing you put a little extra swing in your step. People notice you. You can attract new opportunities or things you are wanting in your life by dressing for success. Not dressing the way others would like to see you, but letting your clothes reflect the way you see yourself and owning it. If you wear something that reflects who you were five years ago, you might not get anywhere. If you put on clothes that make you feel good and elevate you to who you are becoming, your look reflects where you’re headed and people will notice.

What colors are more conducive to success?
Personally red is a big one for me. It makes me feel alive, sensual and confident whenever I wear it. But I think it depends on the person. When all else fails, ask what their favorite color was as a kid and accent them with a bold version of that. Success starts with dressing in what makes you feel good.

What guidelines do you use to style yourself?
As an artist, these days fashion has become my most intimate palette. I like to experiment and take risks in how I dress and ultimately express myself. And yes, you will see me in a lot of red! Comfort definitely plays a big role in what I wear. If I find a great design but it isn’t constructed to satisfy comfort and functionality I’m less likely to buy it. Most days I wake up and dress to set the tone for whatever endeavors I’m headed into, taking into consideration what I’m wanting to attract and what I want to say to the world that day. But most importantly whatever I choose to wear ends up being an intimate conversation with myself, just like any great piece of art.

—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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