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Karyn Dethrow, Mustache Mike and Merl Kinzie at their freshly opened Pilsen barber/vintage shop, Market Supply Co.

What do you look for in vintage clothing?
Karyn Dethrow: I look for pieces that not only I love, but that translate to current styles. Something timeless—I want my clients to feel like they’re leaving the shop with investments, not trends.

Why did you get into vintage?
KD: My mother, for sure. I was surrounded by the love of all things past. Old movies with Hollywood starlets, Glenn Miller records and playing dress up in vintage clothes.

What era inspires you?
Merl Kinzie: I definitely gravitate toward the brassy statement pieces from the seventies, specifically the pieces echoing the art-deco period of the twenties.

What is the most special piece you created?
MK: I found a small lot of seventies brass Egyptian-style bib necklaces that I used as the base for several one-of-a-kind necklaces featuring vintage rhinestone collars, mixed-metal chains and accents.

What’s your favorite men’s hair and facial style?
Mustache Mike: I’m really into the 1940s haircuts that are shorter on the sides and longer on top; that you can sweep to the side when you run your hands through. As far as facial hair, now I’m leaning more toward the early 1900s long facial hair, thick beards and weird mustaches.

What is your current inspiration?
MM: Right now I’m really into WWII naval wear and Japanese styling. Dark Navy, denim and boots. I love the rugged look of the forties work wear.

—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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