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IMG_4101Fashion designer and SAIC student Miss Tosh ( was running errands in Lincoln Park.

How would you describe your outfit?
In essence this is my “uniform,” if you will. I am a fashion designer and my work involves machinery, scissors and whatnot. I direct my hair into a French twist and chiffon scarf. I always wear my “thinking boots.” My work boots are very sentimental to me. I wear them whenever I am designing or constructing my collection. I keep my “uniform” neutral or black so that my personal wardrobe doesn’t draw me away from my muse and imagination. I have a love affair with velvet. This is one of my favorite Ralph Lauren velvet blazers with a turn-of-the-century peplum feel. I personally enjoy unapologetically feminine silhouettes contrasted with a dangerous punk vibe.

What’s your style philosophy?
Dressing and garments are one of the things that make us uniquely human. It is a visual language that we all speak. Through this visual expression I am able to define so much. I am able to curate an ensemble that defines who I am or even whom I want you to believe I am. Fashion is powerful. For me fashion changes my mood. If I am having a bad day I dress to the nines. If I am lounging at home I wrap up in a silk negligee. If I’m sick I apply a bit of red lipstick. These are all things I find aesthetically charming and when I incorporate them into my lifestyle I feel better for it. I enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful things and living with them every day is inspiring.

Where do you go when you want to wear your most outrageous outfits?
I always dress up. Not for anything or anyone, but because I enjoy dressing. When I am asked on the street “what’s the occasion?” I sweetly respond, “Life is the occasion.” I mean this in the most sincere way. I truly believe in celebration, with or without a fancy event to attend. I have nostalgia for a time when people would dress up to go to a movie theater or when men and women would wear gloves, hats and every other accessory they cherished to go run errands. I avoid the prescribed trends. I really appreciate when people take the time to go within themselves and identify their own personal style.

Could you describe one of your most outrageous outfits?
In my boudoir, wearing nothing at all. My most eccentric outfits come to me like a painting. I have all my garments assembled and visually accessible like paints. I can see everything on garment racks along the wall, shoes displayed on shelves, hats pinned and draped over every surface. I love nothing more than preparing for an event with a friend. We create a playlist for time-management sake and dive into my wardrobe in our birthday suits. Collaging feathered robes amongst wiggle dresses and reevaluating our look in comparison with our theme, or mood we have chosen for the night.

—Interview and photography by Isa Giallorenzo

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