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 Artist, curator and LVL3 gallery director Vincent Uribe ( was attending the Natural Resources Defense Council reception in conjunction with EXPO Chicago. He dressed impeccably throughout the whole fair.

 What role does fashion play in the life of an artist?
I think fashion is just another way of expressing yourself by presenting interesting ideas or looks.

Who are the best-dressed artists in your opinion?
I’m not so great at keeping up with names of style icons or celebrities but I think in terms of a male artist who has left a memorable impact on the world, I’d have to say Andy Warhol is definitely one of the most well-recognized artists I can think of. He created an image not only for his artwork, but was able to turn himself into a pop icon becoming easily recognizable as an individual.

Do you think there’s a correlation between dressing well and being a good artist?
No, definitely not. There are many artists whose work I like, but could use some restyling in their wardrobe. I do appreciate when an artist successfully coordinates their look with their artwork, such as friend and fellow artist Jen Stark, who is based out of LA.

Could you tell me a bit about your glasses and your own style?
I have many sunglasses, and the collection keeps growing. I choose the pair that best goes with the outfit and the crowd I’m going to be around. Most of my sunglasses cost less then $15. In terms of my style I’m cheap, really cheap. I tend to only buy things that are on sale and/or that are thrifted.

—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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