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Elijah Boyd was hanging out in Logan Square.

How did you develop such great style?
From living in Chicago! Growing up and seeing different cultures throughout the city definitely changed my perspectives and influences of how I dress today. My style is also derived from a competitive nature. Growing up with a twin brother, we stayed in competition with each other, which inevitably stimulated our great fashion sense.

 What makes you want to look your best every day?
When I look great, I feel great. So when I’m going out it’s not a question of whether I want to look nice or not, it’s kinda mandatory.

What’s your best styling tip for dudes who want to amp up their style?
Confidence is everything. Everyone has their own personal style, so it’s just about how you wear it. I feel as if style is an art, and you have to show people that you’re a proud artist.

Do looks matter? Why?
Based on the capitalist society that we reside in, looks do matter. People judge you based on how you look all the time, and we are all guilty of this. But it’s important to understand this concept, and to use it toward your advantage.

 —Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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