Chicago Looks: Cooling White

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Web artist Molly Soda ( was hanging out by the poster area during the Pitchfork Festival at Union Park.
What band or musician inspires your look the most? Has anyone playing at Pitchfork this year influenced your style?
Strawberry Switchblade, Nina Hagen… M.I.A. for sure. But most of the people who influence my style are not musicians. Usually friends do, cool girls I see pictures of on the Internet, people I see out while walking around…
Who did you come see play this year? Anyone whose style is worth mentioning?
Blood Orange, Solange… M.I.A., her and her backup dancers were on point.
Why did you choose to wear white?
I knew it was going to be hot and I figured white would be the most cooling color. Also I don’t mind if my white clothes get dirty, it adds character.
What item will you be wearing the most this summer?
Anything comfortable, boxer shorts and loose-fitting T-shirts mostly.
—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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