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Yarmani Hamilton was hanging out in Wicker Park.

What made you wear a turban?
I usually wear some kind of head accessory whether it is a hat, scarf, or turban. I wanted to wear my turban because the weather was not too cold, but not too hot, so I picked something that covered my ears. Fun fact: I made the turban by using a scarf and a stretchy rubber-band ring—one of my prized possessions.
Why fur in the spring?
Because I’m the kind of person that is… at times, late! And I tend to follow trends after the season’s over. And I’m in love with this vest.
How do you like to accessorize?
I like to accessorize by wearing rings! I got into wearing rings around last August, and back then I would only wear around one to two rings. Now I wear a lot. On a good day I wear ten to twelve rings. I am now trying to get into necklaces so I can start my collection.

How long does it take you to put an outfit together? What’s your process?
My thinking process varies. Sometimes if I think of one item, I can build an outfit around it easily. Some days ideas can just pop into my head. But usually I visualize what I have in my closet and plan around that. I try to incorporate prints and textures in my outfits, along with my rings and things.
—Interview and photography by Isa Giallorenzo

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