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Michael Anderson and Sissy Spastik were hanging out at the MCA during the last First Fridays.

What look were you going for tonight?
MA: I felt like wearing blue and I always wear a tie to an event. You never wanna look dull. As for the fox, that’s Gloria. She comes out from time to time, she’s family.
SS: My look was inspired by Stephen Sprouse, Debbie Harry East Village in the eighties, pop art, Andy Warhol and Margiela.
What do you do when you wanna dress to impress?
MA: Try to plan an outfit, or just try everything on till it feels right. The only person we really need to impress is ourselves, everyone’s a judge.
SS: Number one is always important to be yourself, it’s also important to be honest with who you are with your wardrobe. Wear the fashion. Don’t let it wear you.
What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day?
MA: I plan to wear something red… and maybe something dead.
SS: Love.
—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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