Chicago Looks: Long Hair, Don’t Care

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Linda Xue was attending The Sartorialist talk and book signing hosted by the MCA Store.

Do you always dress this well or was it a Sartorialist special?
I always dress for comfort. Whether it’s feeling physically at ease with the threads I’m wearing, or it’s feeling confident in the style I carry, I always dress for comfort.

Do you follow The Sartorialist? What do you think of his work?
I have been following the Sartorialist for a few years now and what’s so captivating about his photography is the fact that he has the ability to capture people in the moment of taking a breath of fresh air. There’s something peaceful about the composition—everyone has beautiful energy and is in their natural element.

What’s the secret to looking so well put together?
I’m still figuring it out. I think it’s all a matter of time and knowing yourself. Make careful notes of styles you tend to gravitate toward, and create your own. I think the key is to not to overdo it and let your aesthetic resonate through you.

Why did you decide to keep your hair so long? Did anyone inspire you to do that?
“Long hair, don’t care.” It just happened naturally—I didn’t think of cutting it and it wasn’t until many people started commenting on its length that I realized how long it was.

—Interview and photography by Isa Giallorenzo

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