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Meghan Lorenz was in Wicker Park for a shopping event at Eskell, one of the places where she sells her jewelry line, Cities In Dust (
How do you style your own outfits? What’s your process?
I don’t really have a process. Sometimes to put myself to sleep I think of my outfit for the next day, almost like counting sheep. I have a lot of high-contrast, heavy-printed vintage pieces, so typically when I buy new clothes I stick to solids and stripes to keep balance in my wardrobe. It makes it easier to get ready.
How do you keep fashionable during the harsh winter months?
Fur! Only vintage fur, of course.
Why did you decide to design accessories? 
I worked at Eskell for a long time and was always so inspired by all of the jewelry at the store. Being surrounded by beautiful jewelry really inspired me to take metal-smithing classes and learn how to make them. I had a lot of ideas for things that were not available, and taking classes at Lillstreet really helped achieve those designs.
Who and what inspires your work?
I’m most inspired by people and their personal style. To name a few, Siouxsie Sioux, Madonna and Princess Diana. I love high-fashion photography and editorials from the eighties and nineties, and I also love highly stylized furniture, and looking at it in a way to translate it into jewelry.

—Interview and photo by Isa Giallorenzo.

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