Chicago Looks Holiday: Loco for Local

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On Najee Redd

Baseball cap: Kokorokoko
Jacket: Night and Day Vintage
T-shirt: Sir & Madame
Denim: Una Mae’s
Sneakers: New Balance


On Esperanza Davis

Dress: Dovetail
Headscarf, shoes, brooch, earrings: Kokorokoko
Jacket: thrifted
Tights, sunglasses and bracelet: stylist’s own

Najee and Esperanza are hanging out at the magnificent Empire Room, where countless celebrities such as Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong have performed and relaxed. Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde were once guests as well.



The Palmer house was opened in September 1871 and was almost immediately destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire. Founder Potter Palmer secured a record loan to fix the damages, and a few years later the hotel was back to being one of the fanciest in town.

Photography: Isa Giallorenzo
Styling: Isa Giallorenzo and Najee Redd
Makeup: Esperanza Davis

Photographed on location at the Palmer House Hilton

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