Chicago Looks: Constant Change

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Tiffany Lucio Roca (aka Tiffany Escada) was visiting a friend at work downtown.
You look really fierce but also sleek, how did you make that happen?
I try to incorporate a little bit of everything when I dress. Chic, fierce, edgy, vintage chic… Literally everything.
What’s your style like now?
My style is never consistent. I love to try new things, new looks, new colors… From my hair color and style to my lips, shoes, shapes etc.
Have you always been stylish? When did you first start caring about fashion?
I can say I’ve always had my own sense of fashion. I never believed in following rules even as a kid. I was always about making a statement. I’ve always dressed how I was feeling that day.
How has your approach to fashion changed over the years?
My approach has always been “Let’s make a statement and wake the building up!”
Tell me about your favorite piece in your look.
My favorite piece is my necklace. It was a gift from a good friend.
—Interview and photo by Isa Giallorenzo

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