Chicago Looks: Techno Rapunzel

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Joanne Kim (@princesssjojo) was hanging out at the Empty Bottle.

 Who inspired your hair? How did you come up with it?
I was inspired by New York-Dominican performer Maluca Mala and Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ivy Queen. I just watch too many music videos and it inspires me to do my hair in fun ways. I also really look up to late-nineties Korean techno-pop singer Lee Jung Hyun—she looks so good in her live shows. Another young rapper from the Bay Area, Gita, she is always working the best braids—I’m always saving images of her to my “hair goals” folder.

What’s your style like?
My friends and I just like to describe my style as Oriental space alien techno princess.

Do you take a long time getting dressed? How do you plan what you’re going to wear?
I don’t take too much time getting dressed, but it does take a while to do my hair. I usually just think of an outfit on the spot unless I have an idea of it beforehand. The best thing for me to do is watch and listen to music while getting ready. I just become more sassy and draw my eyebrows with more of an arch.

Where do you like to shop here in Chicago?
I love shopping at thrift stores. My personal favorites would be Village Discount or Unique. Occasional online finds are also a must!

—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo

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