Consignment Refinement: Luxury Garage Sale Goes Retail

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Brielle Buchberg

On the surface, the consignment industry appears to be reserved for those with deep wallets and even deeper devotion to the brands that make the editorial headlines. Consignment house Luxury Garage Sale caters to these individuals, but is also one of the most accessible shops for the general public with a penchant for the sartorial. With a storefront opening in Old Town, I sought out LGS founders Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal with a few questions about their work, their background and the elusive world of consignment.

How, exactly, does consignment work? It always seemed like a complex game befitting the fashion heavy-hitters rather than the everyday gal. How does LGS do consignment differently?
Buchberg: We have learned that most people have items they no longer want or need and we want to help those people sell these items as opposed to just giving them away. We focus on new and gently used contemporary and premier designer fashion items. We go to our clients’ homes and pick up items from them, or they can drop them off at our showroom and we go through them and choose the “sellable” items. We then decide where we think each item will sell the best, whether it be in our own showroom or online. This is one of our main differentiators, as we do not just sell in one place, but offer multiple options for making an item sell successfully and choose the best venue for each item in order to maximize the return. We also work with our clients to set pricing reserves on higher-priced items. If you have a designer handbag, for example, we will work with you on pricing so you will not be disappointed in what the bag ultimately sells for.

What do you hope to achieve by opening your storefront in Old Town?
Buchberg: We hope to gain more brand recognition by being on a well-trafficked street. We will also be opening our showroom to the public allowing them to shop a well-curated selection of items. Our new space is a more convenient location for those that prefer to drop off their consignment items.

Lindsay Segal

What makes a particular item consignment-worthy? What factors are considered when you receive certain pieces from customers?
Segal: For our store and for our pop-up shopping events, we really look for unique, standout pieces. Whether it’s vintage or new with tags, we want them to have character and be a direct representation of our aesthetic and brand. For eBay, we take most contemporary and designer brands. As long as the item has a name brand sold at department stores, we can usually move it.

How did the idea of opening a physical store come to play? Was that always the goal with LGS?
Segal: Funny enough, about a year ago we were asked in an interview if we would ever open a store, and we both immediately said “No!” However, the more pop-up shopping events we did, the more of a following we got. Our shoppers constantly asked us if there was a physical place they could come shop at. Our office was not conducive to shopping, so we decided to take the plunge and open a brick and mortar location. The items will be constantly rotating, so nothing will get stale and sit too long. We are very excited to fulfill the need of our clients!

—Jenny Yoon

Until the store opens, Luxury Garage Sale can be reached at (312)291-9126, [email protected]

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