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Matthew Wilson was walking down Michigan Avenue on his way home from work.

What’s your approach to menswear?
Classical with a touch of modern via a pattern or two layered flawlessly together—patterns should complement each other. Also the simplicity of the articles of clothing—meaning they don’t need to have unnecessary decorations—as well as quality are really important to me.

What makes a man well-dressed?
Attention to detail, as always. However I feel as if not many men pay attention to the overall image of their appearance and focus too much on loud shoes or some other piece of clothing that is too eye-catching. More focus needs to be paid attention on the whole imagery being presented. I think that if you’re going to try and create an image for yourself, you should commit to it. It always pains me to see a well-dressed man sporting an eyesore, outfit-killing canvas or cloth backpack. Shoulder bags are a must to look professional and to stray away from looking like a college student.

What are some cool touches a man can add to their look?
Adding minor accessories such as a simple tie clip, pocket square, a few rings, or even a pair of suspenders can really help take a simple outfit to looking like a proper well-dressed gentleman, especially in the summer when it’s hot out and you can’t wear much else.

Pocket square: How to wear?
I prefer the technique of having it look like a blooming rosebud as opposed to it laying flat within either your shirt pocket or blazer.

—Interview and photo by Isa Giallorenzo

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