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Chicago Looks: Chic Rebel

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Photographer Shelley Brown ( was walking down Michigan Avenue.

How did you develop your style? 
As a young girl, I pored through my mother’s Vogue magazines and fell in love with Patti Hansen and many of the other models of the seventies. They seem to combine glamour, sexiness and rock ‘n’ roll. My platinum hair and red lips have been my signature for many years. I consider them my accessories and I do not wear jewelry. Because of the boldness of my hair and makeup and the fact that I am very petite, less is more in terms of color. I mostly dress monochromatic and wear a lot of black and muted colors—I go much bolder with color in the warmer weather. I may wear pieces for years and years and love pairing unexpected items together and layering different textures of the same color together. I went from dressing more whimsical to what I consider to be sexier and classier. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Taking Chances

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IMG_5346Music publicist Eric Dresner was hanging out at the MCA First Fridays co-curated by Chances Dances.

Who are your Top 5 fashion inspirations?
5) Rayanne Graff 4) Bernhard Willhelm 3) Pepperoni Pizza 2) Kathakali dancers 1) Genesis P-Orridge

What are your Top 5 style blogs?
5) 4) 3)  2) 1) Google Maps

What are the Top 5 nights here in Chicago?
5) Tuesdays watching reruns of the Amazing Race on HULU in Navajo-print Snuggie, 4) Off Chances at Danny’s 3) Total Therapy at Berlin 2) Ski’s Lounge 1) Making Out with Wes Perry and Friends at The Hideout Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Healing Fashion

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IMG_4769 Psychic stylist Kelly Rabbath ( was doing her grocery shopping in Lincoln Park.

How does a typical psychic styling session go?
There really is no such thing as a typical styling session. Every woman I work with is so different and her needs are so specific that I’m always sort of being surprised by myself and the magic that materializes with each new client. Before I can help her find that fresh new look, I have to know her. Find out what she desires. What does she want to attract or accomplish with her image? What validates and flatters her body? There are a thousand questions to ask and a billion angles to consider. I bypass most of them by starting out my styling sessions with an energy reading. It’s not good enough to just help someone look good, I am focusing on finding garments that help them to embody and show off the beautiful woman that they are. Fashion, when done right, can be healing to a woman. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Simplicity in Action

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Eric Boyd was on his way to meet his twin brother for dinner. He was spotted at the Harrison Red Line station.

Where do you go for fashion information?
I’m totally oblivious to any type of fashion information. I find inspiration within myself. I’m a very intuitive dresser.  I just go with my gut feeling; if I see something I like I just buy it, no hesitation. I don’t even have a specific mogul I look up to, there isn’t a specific person I idolize. Actually that would be myself.

What inspired your outfit today?
Simplicity. I just wanted to be as simple as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Draping the Universe

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Jewelry designer Ashley Scott ( was walking back to her studio in Wicker Park.

What made you become interested in accessories?
I became interested in accessories very young. I would take my mom’s scraps of fabric and whip up pieces. I began making pieces for myself while I was studying fine art  because there was nothing out there that I felt was really daring at that time. I began to get a lot of feedback, and people started calling me Drapes. I knew it was a calling because I couldn’t stop.

What’s the most exciting thing about being a jewelry maker?
The most exciting thing is just the art of draping people in jewels that they will pass down to future generations. And I intend to drape the entire universe. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Love of All Things Past

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Karyn Dethrow, Mustache Mike and Merl Kinzie at their freshly opened Pilsen barber/vintage shop, Market Supply Co.

What do you look for in vintage clothing?
Karyn Dethrow: I look for pieces that not only I love, but that translate to current styles. Something timeless—I want my clients to feel like they’re leaving the shop with investments, not trends.

Why did you get into vintage?
KD: My mother, for sure. I was surrounded by the love of all things past. Old movies with Hollywood starlets, Glenn Miller records and playing dress up in vintage clothes.

What era inspires you?
Merl Kinzie: I definitely gravitate toward the brassy statement pieces from the seventies, specifically the pieces echoing the art-deco period of the twenties. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Life is the Occasion

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IMG_4101Fashion designer and SAIC student Miss Tosh ( was running errands in Lincoln Park.

How would you describe your outfit?
In essence this is my “uniform,” if you will. I am a fashion designer and my work involves machinery, scissors and whatnot. I direct my hair into a French twist and chiffon scarf. I always wear my “thinking boots.” My work boots are very sentimental to me. I wear them whenever I am designing or constructing my collection. I keep my “uniform” neutral or black so that my personal wardrobe doesn’t draw me away from my muse and imagination. I have a love affair with velvet. This is one of my favorite Ralph Lauren velvet blazers with a turn-of-the-century peplum feel. I personally enjoy unapologetically feminine silhouettes contrasted with a dangerous punk vibe. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Cheap But Rich

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 Artist, curator and LVL3 gallery director Vincent Uribe ( was attending the Natural Resources Defense Council reception in conjunction with EXPO Chicago. He dressed impeccably throughout the whole fair.

 What role does fashion play in the life of an artist?
I think fashion is just another way of expressing yourself by presenting interesting ideas or looks.

Who are the best-dressed artists in your opinion?
I’m not so great at keeping up with names of style icons or celebrities but I think in terms of a male artist who has left a memorable impact on the world, I’d have to say Andy Warhol is definitely one of the most well-recognized artists I can think of. He created an image not only for his artwork, but was able to turn himself into a pop icon becoming easily recognizable as an individual. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago Looks: Raw and Feminine

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Jewelry designer Leah Ball ( was walking back to her home/studio in Logan Square.

When and why did you decide to become a jewelry designer?
I have been metalsmithing off and on for years, but after a year working in a metal foundry (West Supply), my vision solidified. It began by my repurposing pieces of bronze slag I found on the floor of the foundry after bronze pours. I felt confident in these pieces and decided that I needed to put energy and time into launching a jewelry line.

What’s it like to create your own accessories? 
Well I think that’s why all of us start. You imagine some amazing piece in your head and then you set out to make it because you need it. It is very rewarding and educational to try to make a reality what you envision in your imagination. You problem solve along the way, evolve and eventually come up with a wearable piece of art. That’s addicting. Read the rest of this entry »